Jill Sauro

IMG_0022Jill highly believes in the value of regular massage and yoga practice and lives this herself. She began yoga depressed and anorexic, an injured competitive runner, and boxed into a neuromuscular disease that affects movement that she was diagnosed with at an early age.

With regular yoga practice, on and off the mat, massage, and structural integration, Jill began to heal her sick self and find a whole new healthy self, a self steeped in spirit she had never known. One door opened another, and another, and another. It was like the shades were drawn and the light was finally shining!

Her process continues and she discovers more ease, vibrancy, balance and love for life daily. She has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Northeastern University, but only practiced physical therapy during her clinicals. She went on instead to personal training, and then massage school, graduating from Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in 2003, and practicing ever since.

She has been teaching yoga since the fall of 2004, and began her teaching experience with a nine month assistant training, learning posture modifications and hands-on techniques to align, deepen, support, and expand people in yoga postures. She has completed three week long trainings with Baron Baptiste and several of his one or three day trainings. Jill has also completed multiple trainings with Tom Myers for anatomy and movement, and has an on-going mentorship with one of his first trained structural integrators, Bob Vinson.

Jill believes in the whole self being involved in healing and health—body, mind, heart and soul—and believes massage and yoga are great tools for this. She is passionate about her work, with a compassionate approach to help people heal themselves.

Discover for yourself and book a massage or private yoga session to unlock your natural, innate intelligence to heal yourself and live healthfully!!